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Albert Einstein[On filing for tax returns]
This is too difficult for a mathematician. It takes a philosopher.
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San Diego Tax Resolution Lawyers help taxpayers with the IRS

The U.S. economy went in the tank in December 2007, according to CNN Money. Californians, in particular, suffer this anemic economy more than Americans in other sates because California state legislators spend like water and obligate California taxpayers pay for endless programs making for a state with one of the highest costs of living. Many clients are severely indebted to the state in addition to the IRS.

Businesses closing, downsizing and running for the exits

In this recessionary economy, many employers have been going out of business, down-sizing, or moving their business to low-tax states leaving unemployed workers behind in numbers not seen since the “great depression.” Many California families are challenged to clear sufficient income to pay for housing, food and utilities. Setting aside weeks to compile and then file tax returns is not a high priority when mere economic survival takes the bulk of ones time.

If you are facing an IRS or state tax problem or outright nightmare with no light at the end of the tunnel, we can provide you the tax services and tax resolution services that you need. Our practice areas include:

Unfiled Tax Returns and Back Taxes

There is no mystery how people get into a bind with the IRS. If usually starts because one waits until April 14th and find missing records that take a week to get copies of or something similar. Some file a last minute extension; some just throw up their hands an the date passes. For those who filed extensions often forget or run up against yet another last-minute scramble and the tax return goes unfiled. One unfiled return becomes two, then three, and so on at which point many taxpayers find themselves facing a number of years of uncompleted and unfiled tax returns. Needless to say, you now feel totally overwhelmed by even the thought of rolling up your sleeves to make an attempt to resolve the mess. Other taxpayers miss their objective of depositing estimated tax deposits because of a shortage of cash; business owners attempting to survive these recessionary times miss depositing quarterly payroll taxes obligations (941); while other taxpayers may have managed to file their returns but owe back taxes and there simply is not enough money to settle up.

Immediate Help with Your Tax Debt

Unprepared and Unfiled Tax Returns or Back Taxes are common consequences of these tough and frustrating recessionary times. No matter the reasons for a taxpayer’s problem with the IRS or state of California, we all know that we must eventually deal with these powerful agencies. Everyone knows that if IRS problems or Franchise Tax Board issues will just get worse. A tax attorney at San Diego Tax Resolution Lawyers offer our clients varied tax resolution services to deal with all of these stressful situations which often convert stress and anxiety into hope and optimism for a final remedy and a fresh start .

The IRS is the Largest “Collection Agency” in the world!

If you owe the IRS unfiled tax returns or back taxes, you should know be aware that the IRS is the largest and most successful “collection agency” in the world. When the IRS seriously targets you, you will know it. The IRS has only one goal: to collect taxes owed to them in any manner possible. Moreover, the IRS is all-powerful and they will use extreme methods to achieve collection of the money you owe. They have all the powers of big government including filing tax liens, executing bank levies, establishing embarrassing and debilitating wage garnishments, even seizures of homes, vehicles, and other assets.

IRS Programs that Offer Alternatives for those owing Back Taxes

The good news is that the IRS has several options that can be used to assist taxpayers who owe back taxes pay what they owe over time or significantly “forgive” all or part of their tax liability through Offers in Compromise and other helpful programs. If you ignore the IRS, these programs cannot benefit you. But if you decide to solve your IRS problems by taking advantage of these IRS programs, you can dodge the misery that might be –or is already causing you and you family grief.

The most popular IRS Programs

The IRS has two great options for those who owe back taxes. The first is an Installment Agreement Program which allows you to pay off what you owe in monthly installments. We have the experience necessary to negotiate a more affordable payment than you will be offered if you attempt this yourself The IRS has a second option called an Offer in Compromise which permits you to pay a small portion of what you owe, and be forgiven the remainder of your tax liability. Yes, there are certain requirements you need to meet to qualify for the OIC program and we can see if you meet those, or if you close to meeting the requirements, we can work with you to help you demonstrate that you meet the requirements.

We will negotiate with the IRS or State on your Behalf

Federal tax laws are highly complex. When you find yourself “behind” either in tax payments or in filing tax returns with a ruthless government agency, it to be expected that taxpayers find themselves stressed-out and losing sleep over their powerlessness to fix their situation. The good news is, that one phone call to tax attorney, Paul Staley, can start the process of coming into compliance see your tax mess in the rear view mirror. You can turn your debilitating tax problems over to caring and compassionate Tax Resolution Lawyers who will provide effective legal representation you need to be taken seriously. Paul Staley will negotiate with the IRS or state tax agencies you owe back taxes or unfiled tax returns. We will work on your behalf as your legal advocate to negotiate a resolution for your tax problems. You can go about your daily life while we get everything straightened out. If you are facing an IRS or state tax audit, we can help you prepare for it and then represent you as your legal representative. If you are facing a payroll tax audit or a sales tax audit as a business owner, we can be your legal representative before the California Employment Development Department (EDD), California State Board of Equalization (BOE), or the IRS. As with all serious tax matters, it is vital to speak with a qualified tax attorney who understands exactly how the tax authorities work, and what is necessary to get your tax problems solved once and for all.

Resolve Tax Problems Once & For All

Almost 30 million American taxpayers face tax disputes and tax controversies. You are not alone. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to rise above the noise of these 30 million without the clout and efficiency of legal representation. We work with cases of all sizes. Our focus is to help you reduce your anxiety while helping you or your business achieve a tax resolution that will get this mess behind you. For more information and to have a schedule a no-obligation, confidential telephone or in-person consultation regarding your tax controversy or tax dispute, call tax resolution lawyer Paul Staley at (619) 235-9645 or contact us using the contact form immediately to the left.

27 IRS Red Flags that Might Trigger a Tax Audit

27 Red Flags that might cause an IRS audit

Learn The 27 RED Flags!

Why are some people’s tax returns targeted by the IRS for audit while the majority of tax returns are left unmolested? The IRS audits slightly more than 1% of all individual tax returns each year.

The odds are in your favor that your tax return will be in the 99% of non-audited tax returns, BUT there are some IRS red Flags that, IF YOU AVOID, will help insure that your tax return remains in the 99% group.
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Do You Live in FEAR of the IRS?

Do you live in fear of the IRS? Do you have unfiled tax returns? Are you a taxpayer who owes back taxes? Are you a business owner who missed depositing employer payroll taxes? Are you one of the last holdouts who has not yet declared an offshore bank account as required by the IRS?
Let’s face it, tax problems can happen to anyone —and they do! In fact, 1 in 6 Americans are in some sort of trouble with the IRS. You have a lot of company and you are not alone in your anguish.
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Do You Live in FEAR of the IRS?

End Your Tax Nightmare!

We Help You Solve Your Tax Problems

Tax Lien

An IRS tax lien or state tax lien is the first major step that the IRS and/or state will take against a taxpayer in order to collect back taxes from an individual.
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Bank Levy

An IRS bank levy on your bank account can be disastrous. IRS Bank levies can cause critical checks to bounce, expensive bank service charges, and loss of funds you need for ongoing living expenses.
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Wage Garnishment

Taxpayers are often shocked to learn that up to 90% of their salary can be withheld and forwarded to the IRS on each and every paycheck!
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A One Stop Shop For Tax Relief Solutions

Tax Debt Forgiveness

The IRS can Forgive Tax Debt using various tax settlement methods. We can assist you with (1) Offer in Compromise, (2) Abatement of Penalties and Interest, (3) Hardship or “Currently Non-Collectible” status, or even (4) Bankruptcy.
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Offer in Compromise

Many people are mentally debilitated with the fear, worry and stress of unpaid tax liabilities which, in many cases, have collected and compounded over the years with no apparent light in the taxpayer’s dark tunnel. If this is you, stop agonizing and take action! There is hope.
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IRS Payment Plans

IRS Installment Agreements allow a taxpayer to pay delinquent tax liabilities over time. For many taxpayers who have back taxes or an insurmountable tax liability, paying what is owed all at once simply isn’t possible. Establishing an IRS Installment Agreement can make paying a tax liability much more manageable.
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