Common Tax Problems

Tax Lawyer Can Help You with Common Tax Problems

Settle Your Back Taxes with the IRS Once and For All!Do you live in fear of the IRS? Do you have unfiled tax returns? Are you a taxpayer who owes back taxes? Are you a business owner who missed depositing employer payroll taxes? Are you one of the last holdouts who has not yet declared an offshore bank account as required by the IRS?

ONE in SIX Americans are in some sort of trouble with the IRS. You have a lot of company and you are not alone in your anguish.

Stop California & IRS Tax Problems

The good news is, with some professional help, we can solve this more painlessly than you might imagine. It is not all that surprising that so many Americans are facing IRS problems considering the now 6-year old recession coupled with the dramatic downturn in overall business activity. Throw in those who faced an unexpected illness, and those who had to take on multiple jobs just to keep their heads above water, and it is not rocket science why so many taxpayers don’t have the money to pay their past or current tax bills. Many of our clients express their frustrations when they first call us by sharing their thoughts as their situation worsened over the years: “I thought—why even file?   I’ve not the money anyway…”   As long-time tax lawyers, we get it! We’ve all been there. Life happens. Stop IRS and state tax problems with some professional help.

Unfiled Tax Returns.  Unpaid Back Taxes.  Overwhelmed.  What to do?

Many of our clients will miss one tax return, and then, finding themselves behind and utterly debilitated by the thought of having to catch up the last year’s return coupled with ANOTHER year’s return, allow a second year to go unfiled. And the snowball sometimes continues into a third or more years of tax returns which go unprepared and unfiled culminating into a serious and overwhelming tax problem. When they finally surrender and call us they often start by sharing: “I’m totally overwhelmed and don’t even know where to begin…”

If this scenario is similar to your situation, please understand that you are not the first taxpayer to find themselves in what seems like a bottomless pit with no possible way to climb out. Frankly, in this crummy, ongoing economy there are literally millions of honest, hard-working, dutiful Americans in the exact same boat! That said, it is time you make a decision to become pro-active and get this problem resolved and behind you. If the IRS or state is not already knocking on your door, it’s only a matter of time. Call us. We’ll get it all straightened out.

Settle Your Back Taxes with the IRS Once and For All!

If you need to settle back taxes with the IRS, —again, let us remind you: you are not an anomaly. Millions of people are struggling, millions are out of work, whole sections of our society have had their hours cut back because of the continuing recession or because their employers are forced by a realistic assessment that they have no choice but to down-size full-time employees to part-time employees to avoid business-crushing heath care legislation which would otherwise cause many companies to end up bankrupt. Others taxpayers have mortgage issues that could be solved by taking advantage of historically-low mortgage rates, but because of political and financial uncertainties are unable to even be considered for refinancing. You are anything but unique —we are all affected by these strange times. Many of us end up unable to pay off back taxes or bank enough to even come close to covering our current tax obligations. It is completely understandable that so many now live in fear of the repercussions. And why not? The IRS is the largest, most powerful collection agency in the world backed with the unlimited-power of U.S. Federal Government.

Are you suffering aggressive collection by the IRS?   —Make contact!

The first step to settle your back taxes mess is by contacting the IRS if they are already actively and aggressively making collection efforts, threatening liens, levies, or wage garnishment. If you feel intimidated, we can make contact on your behalf. Many of the key IRS employees know our lawyers and staff on a first name basis. Allow us to effectively intervene on your behalf.

Not yet targeted for collection?   —Make a plan-of-action, THEN make contact!

If, on the other hand, you are somehow still under the radar and you are not yet being pursued aggressively by the IRS, it might be wise to work with a Tax Resolution Lawyer to get a complete snapshot of your whole financial situation first —then make quiet, but effective contact. If you owe some back taxes AND you also owe the IRS one or more unfiled tax returns it might be wise to have your tax lawyers and their staff get those returns put together for you. Once those overdue returns are compiled, you and your tax expert will have the BIG picture of your entire situation. Then, knowing where you stand, you and your tax lawyer can devise a strategy to clean up the problem.

Such a strategy will likely include electronically-submitting your recently-compiled back tax returns so that you will become legally “current,” followed-up with a plan of action to pay the taxes owed in full when you become current, of if you can’t pay, submit one of several possible petitions to take advantage of various IRS repayment programs which will enable you to get totally caught up over time. Such programs include: an IRS Installment Agreement, or another popular program that is often referred to in radio and TV commercials as a “Pennies on the Dollar” settlement program which is legally called an Offer In Compromise.

Bank Account Levied?   Wage Garnishment leaving you penniless?

Bank accounts are routinely levied against by the state and the IRS when you procrastinate, fail to respond to correspondence, don’t answer, fail to return phone calls or make contact with revenue agents attempting to get your attention. Think of the state tax agencies and the IRS as huge, slow-moving (but effective) vacuum trucks headed your way.

“The government gets what the government wants…”

The government gets what the government wants…Wage garnishments (wage levies) are sometimes worse that bank levies. A bank levy is only good for the ONE day it is received by your bank. However, if you, like most folks, only have a little bit of money in your bank account when a levy was processed, you dodged a bullet.

Wage garnishments, on the other hand, stay in place until your entire tax liability is paid off. They are often the last straw for the government AND the taxpayer. We get a lot of calls from desperate taxpayers who cannot even keep the lights on or feed their families when their wages are garnished. It is horrible for the individual —but effective (for the government). If you are already on the financial edge, the added pressure of the IRS seizing up to 90% of your wages can cause the implosion of your family finances. Call us! We can probably stop a wage garnishment before your next pay period.

STOP future bank levies   –   STOP wage garnishment before the next payroll!

The state or IRS will pay attention to a taxpayer who hires a Tax Resolution Services Lawyer to make contact. When a tax professional begins to advocate for a taxpayer, the IRS will recognize that you are finally taking them seriously and will almost always be agreeable to ceasing draconian type collection tactics such as bank levies and wage garnishments.

We can arrange for a “Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative,” and simultaneously contact the IRS and to obtain your full set of tax transcripts. We can then prepare collection information statements using financial statements (IRS Forms 433-A and IRS Form 433-B) to document your assets and liabilities and average monthly income and expenses. By determining your ability to pay on a current basis, we can negotiate on your behalf for a reasonable and best-possible payment plan resolution. In some cases we will even be able to negotiate that some or all of your tax liabilities can be forgiven using some powerful tools that are available to the taxpayer who is under severe financial pressure. For more information and to schedule a no-obligation confidential consultation regarding your tax controversy and tax dispute law challenge, please contact us as soon as you can.

The Tax Resolution Services Lawyers at Paul Staley are here to assist you in solving your back taxes issues, including stopping the IRS from beginning or continuing with bank levies, wage garnishments and other painful collection tactics. We can also help taxpayers with everyday tax controversies and tax disputes over expenses and deductions.

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