Back Taxes

What are Back Taxes?

“Back taxes” are defined as taxes that are not paid when they are due to the IRS. These could be potential taxes-owed (taxes that might be owed), but you don’t really know for sure because you have not yet prepared one or several tax returns.

San Diego Tax Resolution Lawyers will help you with Back Taxes

Do you live in fear of the IRS?Do you lose sleep worrying about the IRS? You should. But you are not alone. One in six taxpayers across America owe back taxes, need to file back tax returns or, in some manner, are in trouble with the IRS. And it is going to get far worse! The IRS is now tasked with enforcing every American’s health care purchasing, administering fines and collecting those fines. To take on this added responsibility the IRS is hiring another 16,000 federal workers. More and more people will soon realize that the IRS is their biggest creditor with unlimited power and clout to punish you if you get behind with them.

People ignore the IRS because they don’t know what to do

If you owe the IRS money for back taxes (unpaid taxes) or think you owe the IRS back taxes but really don’t know (for sure), our experience is that you are feeling so completely overwhelmed you have been frozen into a state of inaction. You simply don’t know where to start, or think that if you start, it won’t get any better because you have no reserve savings to dip into in order to pay up. If a rich uncle just left you a huge pile of cash, chances are you’d find a way to take care of the IRS problem —right? You’d call up a tax lawyer and instruct him or her to simply “handle it.” Unfortunately, most people aren’t blessed by an unexpected cash windfall and one of the reasons you feel so utterly helpless to take ANY action is a lack of money to pay real or imagined back taxes.

What are imagined “Back Taxes?”

Imagined “Back Taxes?” – You might be surprised how many clients of ours assumed that they owed tens of thousands of dollars of back taxes because they had 1, 2, 3 or even 7 years of unprepared and unfiled tax returns and simply ASSUMED they owed BIG TIME. These folks had been living a life of extreme anxiety and fear of the IRS only to find out –after we prepared their back returns– that they owed little or nothing! That isn’t always the case, but with all the deductions in the tax code it happens more often than you’d ever imagine. Years of stress, sleepless nights and anxiety for no reason.

Everyone will be in trouble with the IRS at some point…

If you owe back taxes, or think you owe back taxes and you can’t afford to pay, don’t panic. There are so many options and so much relief in store for you the minute you make that first step to get this matter under control. A call to a tax lawyer is completely confidential. We’ve heard it all. Lawyers are just as likely to find themselves in trouble with the IRS as anyone else, and we have our share of lawyer clients. There’s no judgement here. We ALL owe the IRS money and at some point we all get behind. That old saying: “Death and Taxes” is something all Americans have in common. CPA’s, lawyers, architects, high earners – everyone gets into a bind with the IRS at some point: there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. That said, there is something you will regret if you continue putting your head in the sand. It will only get worse if you fail to take that first step to get a current or long-simmering IRS issue under control – no matter how hopeless you might perceive your own circumstances.

A tax resolution lawyer can help you deal with back taxes by using one or more of processes:

  • Settle your IRS back taxes for a fraction of what you owe
  • STOP your wage garnishment
  • STOP your back account levies
  • Remove some or all IRS penalties & tax liens
  • Settle unpaid payroll taxes
  • Prepare and file delinquent tax returns
  • Handle all IRS correspondence for you – no more IRS visits, mail or calls to you
  • Help you with any tax problems IRS or state that you have

If you need legal assistance in dealing with the IRS or state for back taxes, consult with a San Diego Tax Resolution Lawyer.