NY state senator sentenced to 5 years for tax fraud charges

Tax fraud charges for Pedro Espada Jr gets 5-YR sentence

Former New York state Senator Pedro Espada Jr. is a Democrat who at one point was among the highest-ranking politicians in Albany, serving as majority leader of the New York state Senate. Mr. Espada was sentenced to 5-years in prison after pleading guilty to tax fraud charges and charges that he stole money from his taxpayer-subsidized nonprofit health clinics in the Bronx.

Disgraced former state Senator Pedro Espada Jr. was sentenced to 5-years in prison
Former state Senator Pedro Espada Jr. has been publicly claiming that he is innocent throughout his federal corruption trial. According to published statements, Pedro said: “I’ve been targeted for my political beliefs,” and “I’m innocent in this trial. It’s going to take a while to prove, but I’ll endeavor.”

But his words fell short of the reality. Espada was sentenced to 5-years in prison and ordered to pay almost $500,000 in back taxes and money stolen from the taxpayer-subsidized health clinic. Senator Espada was formally convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a government-funded health care clinic which he ran in the Bronx and had founded more than 30-years ago.

Luxury cars, fancy dinners and lavish vacations

Prosecutors had demonstrated that Espada stole taxpayer money to pay for personal luxury cars, fancy dinners, spa treatments and a lavish vacation to Puerto Rico.

Apparently he was giving the media one story but was ready to admit wrongdoing inside the courtroom as Espada pleaded guilty to tax fraud. According to court watchers, Espada showed no remorse inside or outside of the courtroom.

U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said: “This case has revealed who Pedro Espada really was all those years: a selfish man, a small man who continually blames others for his troubles.”

Judge Frederic Block said Espada had done some good in his life. Judge Block said that Espada used stolen money to buy gifts for his wife, and suggested that showed a level of commitment unusual among state lawmakers. Apparently, New York politicians are not held in high esteem judge Block was quoted in several newspapers saying something you don’t hear everyday: “He may be the only politician in Albany who doesn’t have a mistress.”

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